1. Keep them for future use: If you anticipate moving again or know someone who might need moving boxes, consider keeping the boxes in a dry and clean storage area. This way, you’ll have them readily available for your next move or to lend to friends or family.
  2. Donate them: Many charitable organizations, schools, libraries, or community centers may accept donations of gently used moving boxes. Reach out to local organizations and inquire if they have a need for boxes for storage, events, or other purposes.
  3. Recycle them: Cardboard boxes are recyclable, so you can break them down and take them to a recycling center. Check your local recycling guidelines to ensure you follow the proper procedures. Some municipalities offer curbside pickup for cardboard recycling as well.
  4. Sell or give them away online: If the boxes are still in good condition, you can sell or give them away on online platforms like Craigslist, Freecycle, or local Facebook groups. Many people moving or in need of storage solutions are often on the lookout for affordable or free moving boxes.
  5. Repurpose them for storage: You can repurpose the boxes for storage in your new home. Use them to organize items in closets, basements, or garages. Label the boxes for easy identification and create a more organized living space.
  6. Offer them to friends or neighbors: Check with friends, neighbors, or coworkers who may be planning a move or in need of boxes for storage. Offering them the boxes can save them money and help you declutter your new space.
  7. DIY projects: Get creative and use the boxes for various DIY projects. You can transform them into storage bins, children’s play structures, or even create cardboard crafts. Explore online resources and tutorials for inspiration.
  8. Return them to the moving company: If you hired a professional moving company, some companies offer box buyback programs where they buy back or accept the return of their moving boxes. Contact the moving company and inquire if they have such a program.

Remember, before getting rid of any boxes, make sure to remove any personal information or labels that may contain sensitive data. Utilizing one or a combination of these options will help you declutter and responsibly handle the surplus of boxes after your move.

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